A Plate Full of Goodness

Fresh salad with mixed  lettuce and crunchy apples


Ok! Lo and behold!Finally the wait is over  and I am writing my first ever blog! My passion for cooking has been there right from my childhood ..Kitchen somehow seemed to fascinate me right from when I was a little girl. And I think  most little girls love to play with small little kitchen sets and imitate their mom cooking .and yes no doubt I have gone through the same phase .Always wanted to cook someday like  my Mom .MOM..the very word brings in so much of happiness and makes me  feel at ease .Anyways let me not divert from my topic.So this childhood fascination for kitchen and the different flavors and aroma has developed into a passion for cooking now.

I love to cook and experiment with food .So my friends .ufff.the list is huge ..always have been telling me .DEE why don’t you start blogging .Your love for cooking and experimenting can be penned down and reached out to more people!!

I have been thinking for a while that i need to blog but kept procrastinating.Finally here it is-my first ever blog!

Now the other big question that popped  my mind , was WHERE DO I BEGIN??.Food is like a huge ocean ..So many types of cuisines, flavours..etc..So then the thought came over to start writing about something healthy..With the fitness fever going on everywhere and people being obsessed with weight loss( no doubt..including me)and good looks..people are inclined towards eating healthy and light food .

SO here  I begin my first recipe!!!

Fresh salad with mixed lettuce and crunchy apples

A plate full of goodness

Fresh salad with mixed  lettuce

Vegan,gluten free

Serving Size            2 portions

Preparation time    10 mins

Meal time                 Lunch/early dinner


Ingredients :

  • Mixed  Lettuce                     1 Cup
  • Apples                                    1 large
  • English Cucumber              1 medium size
  • Cherry Tomatoes                 1 cup
  • Dates                                       4 nos
  • Flax Seeds                              1 tsp


  • Salt                                 To taste
  • Lemon                            1/2

Method :

  • Chop the cucumber and apples into small cubes.
  • Cut the cherry tomatoes into halves
  • Chop the dates into pieces
  • Combine the mixed lettuce cucumber tomatoes apple and dates
  • Drizzle the lemon juice and salt and combine all of them together
  • Sprinkle the flax seeds and its ready to serve

It is best had when it is fresh!! Absolutely yummy healthy and guilt free !!

-Deepa Damodar


22 thoughts on “A Plate Full of Goodness

  1. Yayyy!!! There you go… loved it… u know am lazy to try but will definitely keep a track of all your blogs n share it with mom.. continue to rock Dee 😍


  2. It’s a great start Deepa! Sweet and Short – both your words and salad preparation ☺.. Keep it going 👍 I just Love the food you prepare, especially falafel!


  3. Great, Deepa! I always knew that you are a great cook and its good that you are publishing your proprietory recipes now. Now i have also come to know that you are a good writer! You have rightly kept both the recipe and the writing lucid and simple. The headong… A plate full of goodness… is really cool and you could name your blog with that. Great start, keep writing!!


  4. What a start pal!
    Mindblowing! Keep up the spirits.
    Curious to know more from you, as u have revealed your culinary art within u.
    Nothing brings people together like GOOD FOOD!

    Liked by 1 person

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