Sabudana Vada-healthier and lighter version



My earliest memory of sabudana is a decadent kheer that my neighboring aunt used to prepare at home when we were kids. Loaded with raisins and nuts, and topped with an extra serving of condensed milk, I would relish it till the last bite .For the longest time, I was of the opinion that teaming it with milk was the best way to enjoy this high-carb (but good and nutritious) food source until my stint in my work place at the bank,when this sweet maharashtrian client of mine ,made these yummy sabudana vadas and gave it to me.It was so delicious and tasty,though definitely a lot of oil in it ,but with the green chutney it was just so amazing that I fell in love with this dish from that day.
Sabudana, the tiny translucent globules that are extracted from tapioca roots, are a common feature across Indian regional cuisines. Come the festival of Navratri and you will see a range of dishes using it as the key ingredient, such as crispy vadas and wholesome khichidis. It has a unique texture, which if handled correctly can help you create some lip-smacking treats.

Sabudana is considered to be a healthy non-cereal food source, and therefore forms a significant part of Hindu fasting rituals. It is rich in good carbs, fiber and calcium, and should be included in one’s regular diet. Because it is starchy in nature, it tends to get sticky during the cooking process. This is the reason why it is commonly teamed with milk to make delicious desserts. But a few tricks can help you master those savoury dishes as well.
It has a unique texture, which if handled correctly can help you create some lip-smacking treats.

Tips for Cooking with Sabudana
Before making the dishes, the sabudana pearls need to be soaked in water for a few hours until they are separate and moist.


For making these vadas , you need to mix the soaked pearls with boiled potatoes along with other spices to make the batter. Potato helps in binding the pearls together.

Typically these vadas taste best when deep fried, but like I have mentioned earlier, the intention is healthy and light eating, so I tried a new method for making these vadas crispy and tasty with just a drop of oil.

I used the non stick appe vessel which hardly requires any oil to cook. Now to add to another twist here, I also added 2-3 tbsp of oats and a pinch of baking soda to make it crispier.

appe vessel

Serving Size                   3-4 portions

Prep Time                       15-20 mins
Soaking Time                4-5 hrs
Cooking Time               30-45 mins
Meal Type                     Breakfast/lunch/snack


Sabudana                                        1 cup( soaked and drained )
Potato                                             1 large or 2 medium ( boiled and peeled )
Green chili                                    1 medium
Coriander                                      1 tbsp
Oats                                                2 tbsp
Baking soda                                A pinch
Peanuts                                        1/2 cup
Chilli powder                             1 tsp
Oil                                                 5-6 tbsp


-Soak the Sabudana as mentioned for 4-5 hrs and drain the water
– Dry roast the peanuts and remove the peel and coarsely powder them.
– Peel the boiled potato and mash it
– Chop the green chilly
– Now in a bowl, add the Sabudana, boiled potato, green chilly, oats ,chilli powder , salt , groundnuts , coriander leaves , baking soda and nicely mix everything together.

– Add very little water in case needed
– The batter needs to be very thick
– Parallely keep the appe vessel for heating and just put a small drop of oil in each hole.
– Once the oil is heated, roll out small portions and put in the appe vessel.

– You have to keep turning till it gets cooked on all sides and it turns golden brown

– You can see the vada turning crispy ,that’s when you need to take it out of the appe vessel.

The crispy hot oil free sabudana vadas can be served hot with mint chutney as the best accompaniment



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