Methi/ fenugreek leaves pulao

Methi pulao has been one among my favorites right from my childhood . Whenever my mom used to make this, the whole house would be filled with the aroma of the methi leaves sautéed in ghee blending with the flavour and aroma of cinnamon and spices.Today when I saw this wonderful bunch of methi/ fenugreek leaves, I instantly thought I would make my favourite rice for lunch , and I was pretty sure that my kids would also love it.

When I made this and served it to my kids , my sons immediate reaction was” mamma it’s so yummy, make this everyday”, instantly I had this smile of mine which reminded me of my childhood days when I told the same thing to my mother.

The word “fenugreek” has its origin in the Latin language, and refers to ‘Greek hay’. The reason behind this is that this herb is conventionally used as food for animals. It has some other names as well – Fenugreek, Goat’s Horn and Bird’s Foot. It is commonly seen in the Mediterranean areas of Southern Europe. Fenugreek leaves are also known as ‘Kasuri Methi’ or ‘Kasoori Methi’ in Hindi, ‘Menthikora’ in Telugu, ‘Venthiya Keera’ in Tamil, ‘Menthya Soppu’ in Malayalam, and ‘Methi Sag’ in Bengali.

For ages, it has been grown in this region, together with North Africa and India. Inhabitants of these regions use both the leaves and seeds as a spice for their dishes.Due to the numerous health benefits provided by this herb, they’ve been used by herb lovers for ages.

It has lots of health benefits , like lowering blood cholesterol,aiding in digestion ,controlling blood sugar levels,helps in preventing colon cancer etc to name a few .

Now knowing a few of the benefits of these methi/ fenugreek leaves , let’s go ahead to get the recipe of this yummy rice which am sure everyone would love.
Methi Pulao


Serving Size                                                        3-4 portions

Prep Time                                                           20 mins
Cooking Time                                                    15-20 mins
Total Time                                                          30-40 mins

Meal type                                                          Lunch/dinner


Rice                                                                  2 cups
Methi leaves                                                 1 bunch
Coconut                                                          1/2 cup grated
Green chilly                                                   1-2
Ginger                                                             1 inch size
Garlic                                                              3-4 pods
Lemon                                                           1 medium size
Cinnamon                                                    1 small piece
Clove                                                              2 pieces
Oil/ ghee                                                       2 tbsp
Mustard seeds                                            1 tsp
Curry leaves                                                3-4
Red chilly                                                     1-2
Turmeric                                                      1/2 tsp
Salt                                                               To taste
Water                                                           4 cups


-Wash and soak the rice for 10 mins and then drain the rice and keep it aside for another 10 mins
⁃       Wash and chop the methi/ fenugreek leaves
⁃       Chop the onions
⁃       In the meanwhile in a blender / mixer jar add the coconut , green chilly, ginger and garlic and make it a smooth paste
⁃       Now in a cooker , add the oil/ ghee and when it becomes hot add the mustard seeds and allow it to splutter
⁃       Now add the curry leaves and the red chillies
⁃       Add the cinnamon and the cloves and just sauté it. ( you can add some cashewnuts for extra Taste )
⁃       After this add the onions and sauté it well till it turns translucent
⁃       Now add the methi leaves and sauté it along with the rest of the ingredients
⁃       Once the raw smell of the methi leaves goes add the ground masala to it and sauté it well for about 5 mins
⁃       Now add the washed rice and mix it well
⁃       Add 4 cups of water and add a little turmeric and salt To taste and mix well
⁃       Finally add the lemon juice and mix well and close the cooker lid
⁃       Allow just a whistle to come and turn off the gas

Hot and delicious Methi Pulao ready to be served.It can be accompanied with some curds and pickle .


-Deepa Damodar


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